EIC FELLOW  (2005)


Dr. Whitman Wright – nominated by the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering

Whitman Wright graduated with a Bachelor degree in civil engineering from the University of Toronto, and was later granted a Masters and a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Illinois. He is currently President of W.Wright & Associates, and remains an Adjunct Professor at Carleton University.

Dr. Wright’s early career in structural engineering with several consulting companies resulted in his becoming Senior Bridge Engineer for the St.Lawrence Seaway where he supervised the planning of all seaway bridges, as well as the detail design and construction for several and of locks and other bridges for the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority. He then joined Carleton University as Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering, and completed his PhD at the University of Illinois. By the time he left Carleton, where he remains an Adjunct Professor, he rose to Full Professor and Chairman of Structural Engineering.

At Carleton his interest in the application of computers to civil engineering helped pioneer the development of computer-aided design. He then took this interest to Public Works Canada to lead the development of the Building Structures and the Computer-Aided Design Division where he prepared manuals to facilitate the use of more comprehensive design programs such as AMECO, STRESS 3 and PCA. His “Quick Design Series”, which he developed within his own consulting company, then became available to the public.

Dr. Wright is a business-oriented engineer with his own company who has been a design professional, teacher, mentor to students and fellow professionals, aspects that have intermingled throughout his career, even while he continued his educational credentials in academia.

Could there be a model for young professionals in the path of “Lifelong Learning?” I think not. So tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, we present such an engineer, who is now Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada

Madam President - Dr. Whitman Wright.

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