Kennedy Medal  (2005)


Dr. Victor Milligan   nominated by the Canadian Geotechnical Society

Victor Milligan received his Bachelors degree in civil engineering and a Masters in Soil Mechanics from Queen University in Belfast. He was a Research Fellow at Purdue University and subsequently has been granted a Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a Doctorate of Science from his Alma Mater.

In his early career Dr. Mulligan worked in the UK and Canada< on foundation designs for a variety of projects. As a young engineer, 29 years of age, he helped to found Golder Associates, which has now become a major international consulting company. In 80 offices and 18 countries. He rose to become President and Chairman, then retired some 10 years ago to individual practice. He continues to act as Senior Consultant to Golder Associates and serves on many Technical review and Consulting Boards for international clients with world class projects. To risk oversimplification, it appears that Dr. Milligan's career has had three components, each with great distinction:

1.Founder of Golder Associates which has grown to global presence but still maintains its strong Canadian roots. His values also remain central to the success of this company which holds an enviable reputation as a technical leader.

2.Specialist Consulate-Since 1994 De. Milligan as been in demand international as a consultant particularly on major dams and soft ground tunnels. This has added luster to the prestige of Canadian engineering.

3. Professional societes-Throughout his career he has given selflessly to improve all aspects of engineering from teaching to professional practice, and important contributions through extensive publications for such a busy practicing engineer.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Milligan has been recognized by a number of prestigious awards including Fellow of CAE, Fellow of the EIC and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK, where only 70 such persons are allowed from overseas. From his alma mater there is now a Victor Milligan Scholarship to allow foreign travel to Canada and North America for selected students. There are too many honours to cover in such a short time but I must mention a few:

-One of the fonder of the CGS and first editor of its journal.

-Vice-President of North America for the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering.

-Delivered the prestigious Terzaghi Lecture of 2002 to ASCE

-Participant in the famous miracle mile in Vancouver.<

Ladies and gentlemen, here is an engineer who is a tremendous ambassador worldwide for the geotechnical profession, and who has contributed greatly to engineering in Canada. As recipient of the Sir John Kennedy Medal

Madam President - Dr. Victor Milligan

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