EIC FELLOW  (2005)


Dr. Hugh J. McQueen – nominated by the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering

Hugh McQueen obtained a Bachelor of Engineering at McGill and a Masters and PhD in metallurgy at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Before joining Concordia University he conducted research at CANMET and taught at the École Polytechnique. He is now Professor Emeritus of Materials and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University

Professor McQueen conducted research in hotworking to determine the influence of temperature,  rate of strength, microstructual evolution and dislocation mechanisms. His research into the steady state straining of aluminum alloys; in understanding sub grain formation during dynamic recrystallization of stainless steel; and, the acceleration by hot deformation of the transformation to fire-grained ferrite in alloy took steel was pioneering work He has been pursuing hot working research in industrial alloys of aluminum, copper, nickel, and iron, with special emphasis on aluminum alloys, and since his beginning his publications exceed 300.

As you might expect his collaborative efforts broadened Canadian and foreign students by sabbatical leaves at the BHP Research Centre in Melbourne, the Norwegian Institute of Technology and others. He often visits with his European colleagues.

As a result of a special interest in the history of technology and environmental protection, Professor McQueen was the principal organizer of the required program on the Social Aspects of Engineering at Concordia University. He has extended his interest into studies of major metal bridges that have historical value in Quebec. These famous bridges include the Victoria Bridge (1859), the Victoria Truss Bridge (1898) and the Quebec Bridge (1917), all famous and world-ranked structures of their time

We introduce to you Madam President now, as Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada - Dr. Hugh McQueen

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