EIC FELLOW  (2005)


Dr. Donald S. Mavinic – nominated by the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering

Donald Mavinic obtained his Bachelors, Masters and PhD from the University of Windsor. At the completion of his studies he joined the faculty of the University of British Columbia where he is now Professor of Civil Engineering. He is internationally known as the foremost authority on wastewater sludge treatment. Dr. Mavinic and his team have made unmatched contributions to research and technology transfer to advance sludge treatment technology, especially aerobic treatment. His state-of-the art design that has become the standard for all textbooks and design manuals in this field. The process design curves in the EPA manual for aerobic sludge treatment are widely cited and readily known by practicing professional and scholars world wide.

Professor Mavninc first gained attention with a PhD dissertation on U-Tube aeration technology that won the first of his two Keefer gold medals. This advance in the oxygen transfer process transformed traditional treatment plants from large sprawling facilities into compact vertically integrated plants that secured world wide popularity especially in places such as Japan, where land mass is a critical concern. Following this he concentrated his research and developed a treatment process-train for toxic liquids, probably the only one in existence for high ammonia leach ate from landfills. He then applied this to the harsh winter temperatures of other countries by expanding the treatment range from 25C down to 5C.

From his work, as evidenced by the students he has trained and his extensive list of research grants, society has gained much. His acceptance of the prestigious British Royal Society research grant, infrequently bestowed, and his recent nomination for the rare Stockholm Water Prize, ranks him with the top authorities in the environmental protection of the world’s water resources.

Ladies and gentlemen, and Madam President, a distinguished Fellow of the Engineering Intitute of Canada

Madam President - Dr. Donald S Mavinic

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