EIC FELLOW  (2005)


Dr. John Lodge – nominated by IEEE Canada

John Lodge received his Bachelors and Doctorate degrees in electrical engineering from Queen's university. He then joined Miller Communication Systems where he was involved in the design of high frequency, spectrum and satellite communication systems. He is currently the Research Program Manager of the Communication Signal Processing Group at the Communication Research Centre (CRC) in Ottawa, His interests lie in the application of digital signal processing techniques to wireless communication problems, including detection for signal in the presence of fading, and the use of interstice (turbo) processing for decoding and detection.

He has received a number of awards from IEEE and the CRC, such as Canada’s Outstanding Engineer, Queens Golden Jubilee Medal and recently with his research team an award for the successful development, transfer and commercialization of a software monitoring system “ Spectrum Exployer,” which identifies and monitors radio spectrum usage. As an example the Spectrum Exployer have supported the RCMP in providing radio surveillance for events such as the Quebec City in 2001, the G&O meeting in Ottawa and the G8 meeting in Kanakaskis in 2002.

Dr. Lodge has also been instrumental in the areas of research such as Soft-in/Soft-out interactive decoding techniques since 1993, subsequent to a paper co-authored for the Queen’s Biennial Symposium, the topic has exploded in importance. He has remained at the forefront of research and development in this area, and the CRC is currently commercializing a number of proprietary related technologies. In addition his work on Digital Implantation of Narrowband Radio was at the forefront of techniques for broadband spectrum monitoring and surveillance. He is among the first to advocate the software radio approach.

In summary Dr. Lodge has been very successful in the research and development for improving the reliability of wireless digital communication systems over unreliable satellite and terrestrial channels. This includes cellular and mobile satellites, software defined radio and radio spectrum monitoring. For this creative and innovative engineer the EIC awards him the honour of Fellow of The Engineering Institute of Canada

Ladies and gentlemen, and Madam President- Dr. John Lodge

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