EIC FELLOW  (2005)


Mr. Alan S. Imrie – nominated by the Canadian Society of Senior Engineers

Alan Imrie graduated with a Bachelors degree in mining engineering from the University of Alberta, and a few years later earned a Masters degree from the same university in Structural Geology. In the interim period he began work in the geologic evaluation of dams and tunnels, and in mineral exploration for possible mines in the Canadian Shield. Rather quickly he chose as a career path, the field of hydroelectric engineering, which became a career focus with BC Hydro and Power Authority. With this as a background Mr. Imrie has formed his own company, where he is now President of Imrie Engineering Inc. Mr. Imrie is a specialist and consultant in geotechnical engineering for hydroelectric dams, tunnels and related facilities. His experience encompasses technical evaluation, design and managing of civil engineering applications for dams, tunnels, power plants and excavations for all phases of design, construction and operations.

During his career with BC Hydro, Mr. Imrie was involved with all of their large hydroelectric projects in BC, some of which rank as the world’s largest in terms of dam height and size, underground powerhouses, and extensive tunnels up to 15m in diameter. His work has included geological assessment and geotechnical design, administrative and technical responsibility for major departments, and finally as Chief Technical Officer for the Authority. Project names such as Mica, WAC Bennett, Revelstoke, Seven Mile and Peace Canyon ring in the memory of many who work in the hydroelectric engineering field. And in addition BC Hydro has numerous other projects around the province where he has had major responsibilities in their design and construction.

Mr. Imrie has at the same time, provided his expertise to companies and hydroelectric power authorities worldwide, sharing technical and professional expertise. These included consultancies on the Clutha River landslides of the Clyde Dam in New Zealand, and landslides in the Upper Yellow River Basin in China; Project Manager of the Canadian construction Team for the Wanjiazhai Tunneling Project in China; the Chamera Dam in India and the Ajaure Dam in Sweden. He now acts as a Special Consultant or Consulting Board Member on a variety of hydro and water supply dams in Canada.

Mr. Imrie is recognized as one of Canada’s premier practitioners in engineering geology and geotechnical engineering. And tonight, the EIC awards him the honour of Fellow of the Institute.

Ladies and gentlemen and Madam President- Mr. Alan S. Imrie

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