Julian C. smith Medal  (2005)


Mr. Donald W. Hayley – nominated by the Canadian Geotechnical Society

Donald Hayley graduated from Carleton University in civil engineering, then was awarded a Masters from the University of Alberta in geotechnical engineering. Mr. Hayley is currently the Principal Engineer and Senior Vice President of EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. in Edmonton, where he has dedicated his career to Arctic engineering.

Mr. Hayley’s background included foundations for structures, dams (some with frozen cores), pipelines, offshore structures for oil and gas exploration, road and mines in Canada, Russia, Norway, and China. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, to complicate matters, all of these structures are either on permanent or melting permafrost. In fact, I believe Mr. Hayley has also engineered permanent chambers in frozen rock. Mr. Hayley is now recognized internationally for his pioneering work in snow, ice and permafrost engineering in the circumpolar regions of North America. Within his company he has built and now leads the largest group of engineers and scientists dedicated to Arctic engineering in consulting practice in North America. He must certainly feel satisfaction in that he was a major participant in many of the oil and gas development proposed for the north. A few of his pioneering projects include:

   -site investigations for the early proposed; Polar Gas, Canadian Arctic Gas and Foothills Pipelines;

   -the first thermo stabilized foundation at the School in the Yukon. This is now a prevalent design type;

   -a thermosyophon stabilization system for arresting thaw settlement and

   -the first frozen core in Canada at the Polar’s Mine on Little Cornwallis.

Mr. Hayley formed the Cold Regions Division of the CGS and was its first Director. He was a member of the Canadian National Committee of the International Permafrost Association, and Chairman He has also shared his experiences through numerous presentations and authoritive paper. Through his collaboration with others it has also become apparent that Mr. Hayley is held in high regard by the people who live and work in the north, not only fjor his engineering which he carried out with imagination and skill, but also his high respect for the people of the north.

Ladies and gentlemen, for his passion and work in the development of Canada ’s north, we present the recipient of the Julian C. Smith Medal of the EIC

Madam President- Mr. Donald Hayley

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