EIC FELLOW  (2005)


Dr. Paul Fazio – nominated by the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering

Paul Fazio graduated in Civil Engineering from Assumption University and then earned a Masters and PhD from the University of Windsor. He joined Concordia University where he has continued his career, and is now Professor in Building Engineering.

Dr. Fazio is a very distinguished academic and researcher in a unique area of civil engineering. In fact, he was the founding Director of the Centre for Building Studies at Concordia University - the only full-fledged centre of this kind anywhere in Canada. He led this institute diligently for two decades, and mostly through his individual efforts, he established Concordia as a worked leader in this area, with Bachelor, Masters and PhD programs now offered in different area of building engineering.

Because of his expertise in both building and civil engineering he is consulted often by governments and industry on subjects related to the performance of buildings, which involve the building envelope and indoor health issues for residents and users of buildings. He was also instrumental in developing CONDENSE and PEB software now widely used in industry.

Dr. Fazio is also the founding President of the Quebec Building Envelope Council, where he developed unique facilities for the large scale testing of building envelope systems. He is an active member of the Canada-Japan Science and Technology Bilateral Commission on Housing and has led cooperative efforts between these countries.

Dr. Fazio has served on a number of government bodies such as the Council of Science and Technology for Quebec; the Ontario Building Industry Strategy Board that advises the Minister of Industry, Science and Technology for Canada on matters related to the Canadian construction industry. To transfer new technology of building science to industry he established in 1985, SIRICON Inc, and more recently the Quebec Building Envelope Council.

Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you tonight, the man largely responsible for the development of Building Science in Canada. For his contributions to the advancement of engineering, the EIC recognizes him as Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada

Madam President - Paul Fazio

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