EIC FELLOW  (2005)


Dr. Charles Despins – nominated by the IEEE Canada

Charles Despins obtained a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University and a Masters and PhD in the same discipline from Carleton University. Currently Dr. Despins is President and CEO of Prompt – Quebec where he is responsible for building strategic partnerships between industry and academia, and is active in promoting technology transfer and the establishment of new start-up technology companies.

Prior to his industrial engagement he had a distinguished academic career at Carleton, École Polytechnique in Montreal and the Université de Québec.

Transferring to industry Dr. Despins became Senior Director for Microcell Connexion, where he was responsible for definition, partnership development and management of technology trials, involving major integrated wireless local access and hybrid fiber-coax networks as well as 3G cellular systems. He was, as a result, a key part of an executive team that created Bell Nordiq as a telecommunication service provider and network operator.

He was then appointed Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Bell-Nordiq where he was responsible for the evolution of the network with respect to telephoning, IP cellular, and cable network infrastructures. He led the push to introduce digital cellular technology and defined IP network, and high-speed internet access solutions for regional markets. He also developed partnerships to provide funding and research for the underground communications network laboratory in Val D’Or, Quebec. This has resulted in a source of highly qualified personnel for Telebec in the Abitibi area of Quebec.

In summery, Dr. Despins has made outstanding contributions as researcher, engineer and manager in the field of wireless communications. He has achieved his status as a researcher while making these contributions t o governmental agencies and to industry. Let us encourage him now in his new venture with PROMPT – Quebec where he will strengthen ties between industry and academia, and as he did with Team Canada’s international economic mission of 2003 as invited speaker, to enhance Canada’s expertise and image abroad.

Ladies and gentlemen, he will now represent the EIC as Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Madam President - Dr.Charles Despins

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