EIC FELLOW  (2005)


Mr. Graham Creedy – nominated by the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers

Graham Creedy graduated in chemistry from the Royal College of Advanced Technology at Salford UK, then obtained a Diploma in Management Studies at the Polytechnic School of Management Studies now the University of Westminster, and a post-graduate diploma at University College in London in Chemical Engineering. He then became Department Head of Chemicals at Union Carbide, Ontario before joining BASF Canada Inc. In Cornwall.

Graham Creedy graduated in chemistry from the Royal College of Advanced Technology, (now University of) Salford, UK, then obtained a Diploma in Management Studies at the Polytechnic School of Management Studies (now the University of Westminster) and a post-graduate diploma in Chemical Engineering at University College London. He worked for Ciba and Monsanto in the UK before moving to Canada, where he became Department Head of Chemicals for Union Carbide in Belleville, Ontario then joined BASF Canada Inc. for fifteen years in Laval, Quebec and Cornwall, Ontario.

Mr. Creedy has a broad background in the chemical industry, from research and development laboratories through project and process engineering to production and works management. As such he has been directly responsible for all production for several operating plants. He has directed process engineering and technical staff in identification and analysis of operating problems, formulation and implementation of solutions, and performance audits. He was also responsible for all service functions including engineering and laboratories and for technical supervision of construction during construction of new plants.

With that as a background, Mr. Creedy started his own company, and has devoted much of his energy over the last fifteen years to the establishment of a national system for the control of major accident hazards in Canada, a topic where he has a strong personal interest and commitment. Much of his work has subsequently been for, or through, the Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association (CCPA), where he has been associated with the development of many phases of the Responsible Care® initiative, a code of ethics for the Canadian chemical industry that has now been adopted in over 45 countries around the world. The integrity and credibility of this initiative rests on the commitment of the CEO and the degree of adherence to the code protocols by operations within the company. Mr. Creedy has been a driving force in this initiative, which resulted from a review by Canada after the terrible Bhopal disaster in India in 1984.

Mr. Creedy became a crusader in promoting strong standards for safety management and for monitoring continuous improvement using sound engineering principles. He has organized and chaired conferences, seminars and workshops on major hazard control and related topics, presented a variety of papers in Canada and the US, and provided technical assistance to private sector organizations and governments in India, Mexico, Chile and Brazil. He is fascinated with major industrial accidents and why they continue to happen, and confesses to a special interest in the role of human error in decision making and judgment, especially at the organizational level.

Mr. Creedy’s contributions to the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC) and the CSChE are commendable. As the founder of the Process Safety Management Division, his most outstanding work is his initiative to protect all Canadians from the hazards of process-related accidents in Canada

Ladies and gentlemen, for this determined and forceful and talented engineer the Engineering Institute of Canada recognizes him tonight as a Fellow of the Institute.

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