EIC John B. Stirling Medal (2005),
FELLOW (2003)


Dr. Michel Aubertin nominated by the Canadian Geotechnical Society

Michel Aubertin graduated in civil engineering from the Univeristy of Sherbrooke and then received a Masters in Geortechniqe and a PhD in Geomechanics from École Polytechnique. He is currently professor in the department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering at École Polytechnique in Montreal. In his early career Dr. Aubertin worked in consulting engineering with a variety of projects involving Soil Mechanics and construction materials. He then joined the University du Quebecen Abitibi-Témiscaminque (UQAT), where, as a young professor he became founder and Director of URSTM, which is a successful research group in mineral technology. In 1989 he joined École Polytechnique where he has chaired the Co-op mining program (from 1994 to 1999).

In 2001 he was appointed Chair of the Industrial NSERC Polytechnique-UQAT Chair of Environment and Mine Wastes Management thanks to the support received from industry and from the federal and provincial governments. Such support includes 6 large mining companies, 3 consulting firms and 5 governmental agencies. This collaboration has led to significant developments, beneficial to the industry and mining communities in several countries. Technologies developed by Aubertin and collaborators have already been adopted by mining companies to improve mine waste management and environmental control.

Remembering that the John B Stiring medal is for service at the national level, Dr. Aubertin’s abilities for organization resulted in major contributions to the CGS CGS, first as Chair of the Rock Mechanics Division, then as VP Finance, Associate Editor of the Canadian Geotechnical Journal, and more recently working to revitalize the Geotechnical Research Board. Dr. Aubertin’s work has also earned him worldwide recognition as well as a number of awards, including Fellows from the EIC, from the CSCE and from the Canadian Academy of Engineers, and prizes from learned societies such as the Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS) and from the North American Geosynthetics Society (NAGS). In the field of rock mechanics, he is best know for his research in viscoplasticity, damage, and failure of rocks in connection with the analysis of underground openings. In addition, his work on reclamation methods for surface disposal sites includes problems associated with tailings, acid rock drainage.

For his outstanding contributions to Canadian engineering both as a researcher and by his leadership the Engineering Institute of Canada confers the honour of the John B. Stirling Medal.

Ladies and gentlemen and Madam President - Dr. Michel Aubertin

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