Dr. Stavros Tavoularis
 – A Member of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Tavoularis obtained a Diploma in Engineering from the National Technical University in Athens, then a Masters in Engineering Science and Mechanics from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in the US.  He was awarded his PhD from the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.  He retained an association with John Hopkins for several years and joined the University of Ottawa in the faculty of Mechanical Engineering, where he is currently a tenured professor.

Dr. Tavoularis has also been the Director of the Ottawa – Carleton Institute for Mechanical and Aerospace engineering for significant periods in the 90’s, and a Guest Scientist for the Institute for Aerospace Research and the National Research Council while on sabbatical leave.  He is an international authority in turbulence, vortical flows, aerodynamics and biofluid dynamics and their practical application.   His contributions to the field of fluid mechanics, and particularly turbulence, can be measured by the abundance and excellence of his publications in the most highly valued journals, as well as by his numerous graduate students.  These publications number approximately 175 and he has supervised some 85 undergraduate, graduate theses, post-doctoral fellows and their research projects, with a significant additional number in progress.

During his career he has built up an impressive laboratory that includes state of the art instrumentation.  Coincidentally he has been successful with an impressive array of grants and research funding, so necessary to respond to fundamental research and the interests of top students and scholars.

Dr. Tavoularis has received a number of awards and honours for excellence in research including the Glinsky Award.  Most recently he was named a Fellow for the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering.  He is regularly invited to give seminars in his specialty, and has lectured at numerous universities in the US, Canada, Iran and his native Greece.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure of presenting one of Canada’s most distinguished educators and researchers.  And tonight he receives the honour of Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Mr. President – Dr. Stavros Tavoularis
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