Dr. Denis Mitchell
– A Member of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering

Dr. Mitchell graduated from the University of Toronto in civil engineering and obtained his Masters and PhD from the same university, all I should say in rather short order.  An honours student, certainly.  He joined the University of Washington for a few years as Assistant Professor, and then moved to McGill University where he has remained.  He is currently the William Scott professor of Civil Engineering a prestigious position at McGill, and Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics.

Dr. Mitchell is one of the outstanding structural engineers in Canada and has offered unparalleled leadership in many areas related to structural concrete.  One of his most important contributions is creating the network of Centre of Excellence in High Performance Concrete, which was established by the Minister of State (Science and Technology) in 1989.  He has been its President and a Member of the Board of Directors.  The successful transition from a government-funded research centre to an industry-funded company was mainly due to the leadership and vision of Dr. Mitchell.  Currently he is President of this company.

He is one of the pillars of the Canadian Standards Association, the Canadian Portland Cement Association and the American Concrete Institute, especially for his work in developing codes and standards of practice.  This ability comes from his integrated background of research and consulting, as evidenced by his extensive publications.  These include 2 books and chapters of 11 others, 263 articles, numerous consulting reports, and extensive research grants to study these areas of interest.  Resulting from this has been the supervision of some 92 Masters, PhD and post-doctoral students, who have spread out across Canada and many other countries.  One such country is Barbados where Dr. Mitchell has recently introduced a special course in environmental engineering.  He is known to be very encouraging in helping colleagues and students further their careers.

In summary Dr. Mitchell is an outstanding teacher, researcher and consultant, with a reservoir of knowledge that is always available to his students and professors in general.

Ladies and Gentlemen, one of Canada’s outstanding civil engineers, and now a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Mr. President – Dr. Denis Mitchell 



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