Dr. Terrence William Hoffman
– A Member of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering

     Dr. Hoffman graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, obtained an honours degree and a Masters from Queen’s University, and then completed a PhD in Chemical Engineering from McGill.  Following graduation he joined McMaster University, although by this time quite experienced in teaching, which had been part of his graduate program.  Dr. Hoffman was a founding member of the Department of Chemical Engineering, and its very young Chairman.  This department has become one of the most highly respected in North America, where he helped this academic institute to be the first to develop computer process simulation.  He also made important contributions to the fields of heat transfer and fluid dynamics.

     He then took his talents and ideas to Polysor Ltd in Sarnia, at that time a major producer of synthetic rubber and polymer materials.  Here he introduced these new technologies for the personnel at all manufacturing and research sites.  At the same time he remained a part-time Professor of Chemical Engineering at McMaster.  As part of the Corporate Research Group, Dr. Hoffman led the development of research activities and founded the Computer Applications Group comprised of an Advanced Control Group, a Simulation / Modelling Group, and an Artificial Intelligence Group.  These were some of the first efforts of this kind in the chemical industry.  A new career step was then imposed on Dr. Hoffman when Nova Corporation bought control of Polysor, discharging the entire research group.

     Dr. Hoffman then joined Dynamic Matrix Control Group (DMCC) in Houston where his ideas helped to install process control systems for petroleum refineries and chemical processes, a perfect match for his interests. 

     He then returned to Sarnia, under contract to DMCC, to the Suncor refinery to construct process models for the reformer and BTX (benzene/toluene/xylenes recovery) systems and to implement on-line optimizers.

     Dr. Hoffman had the opportunity, and took advantage of it as few have ever done; to conceive of, develop, install and make successful new pioneering technology.  This technology has resulted in the development of systems and materials that have benefited the petroleum and chemical industries tremendously, and by extension Canadian industry, society at large.

   He has served in senior technical positions and acted as a senior consultant for process industries in Canada and the U.S. and has always maintained close cooperation with universities.

   He has served on many professional and technical committees and Boards in Canada and internationally.  His enthusiasm, energy and scholarship have earned him many honours and awards, especially from the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers.   These include the ERCO Award and the Industrial Practice Award. We would add to them tonight, the honour of Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada Ladies and Gentlemen.

 Mr. President - - Dr. Terrence William Hoffman



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