Dr. David Haccoun
– A Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

     Dr. Haccoun graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Physics from École Polytechnique in Montréal then obtained his Masters in Electrical Engineering (Communications) at MIT.  He returned to Canada to obtain his PhD in the same discipline at McGill University.  He is currently a Professor at his alma mater, the École Polytechnique, where he is Head of the communications Department.

     Professor Haccoun has concentrated his career principally at École Polytechnique but has had a diverse path, with extensive assignments as visiting and Research professor at the Ministry of Communications in Ottawa, Concordia University, the Universities of British Columbia and Victoria, and at INRIA in France.  He has remained with his initial interest, communications, and is a distinguished scholar, researcher and as a consultant to diverse clients involved in advanced communication including satellite and space stations, throughout Canada and the United States.

     He is the inventor of two well known coding and modulation schemes that improve the error performances on slow fading channels.  The first scheme consists of permuting coordinates of multidimensional modulation and trellis coded modulation on interleaved channels.  The second consists of using coded frequency diversity.  Without bandwidth expansion, the signal is spread over different independent fading channels.

     Dr. Haccoun has written extensively on the subject of communications, and apart from three books, has authored about 150 articles.  He holds two patents for an apparatus for canvolutional orthogonal, encoding and decoding.  One of his books on “Digital Communications by Satellite” is a best seller, is extensively cited, and has been translated into Japanese and Chinese.

     Professor Haccoun has served l’École Polytechnique with great distinction, as evidenced by the universities and organizations that request his talents as visiting Professor and as a consultant in communication.  These days, with satellites, space stations, and space probes adventuring out into the solar system, it must be very exciting work.

     His students, and perhaps especially his graduate students, must recognize the adventurous frontier that Dr. Haccoun is showing them.  Currently they number 50 Masters theses and 8 PhDs.  He is currently supervising an additional eight. Ladies and Gentlemen  - for his outstanding work in electrical engineering and communications the EIC accords Dr. Haccoun the honour of Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

     Mr. President – Dr. David Haccoun



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