Fellows  (2004)


Dr. Amin Ghali
– A Member of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering

     Dr. Ghali is a graduate of Cairo University, Egypt with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  Subsequently he received a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and a diploma in Soil Mechanics and Foundation engineering from the same university, and then a PhD in Civil Engineering from Leeds University in the U.K.  He is currently Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary. 
     Dr. Ghali spent time in his early career as a structural designer with engineering companies in Switzerland and in Toronto before returning to academic life at the University of Calgary, where he appears to have found his permanent home.  However, during this time he has taken several sabbaticals to lecture in France and Switzerland at a number of universities.
     He is a world-class expert in structural analysis and the design of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures.  He has authored some 200 technical papers and 4 books, with two of these books translated and published in five foreign languages.  He has received 7 patents, awarded principally for his work on the prevention of punching failures in flat concrete slabs.  This type of failure is usually brittle, occurring with little or no visible warning, such as at the contact between columns and flat slabs in buildings.  This co-invention called Stud-Shear Reinforcement or Stud-Rail Reinforcement increases concrete strength and avoids punching failure.  It can also be used where confinement of the concrete is needed to increase strength and flexibility.  The invention has been used now in thousands of buildings, worldwide.  It has also been used to resist failure by punching in the walls of offshore structures subjected to ship impact, collision of icebergs, and simply to resist ice-floe pressure.  It is used in the Gravity Base Structure in the Hybernia oil field.

      Dr. Ghali is a member of several national and international engineering societies and technical committees on bridge design, building structures and storage tanks.  He is an international consultant on offshore platforms in the North Sea, and major bridges in the US, France, Bahrain and Canada.  One such is the spectacular Confederation Bridge in Prince Edward Island. 

     Several other societies have already recognized Dr. Ghali.  He is a Fellow of the CSCE, the ASCE and the American Concrete Institute.Tonight we honour him as Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada.Ladies and Gentlemen

     Mr. President – Professor Amin Ghali



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