Dr. Robert W. Donaldson– A Member of IEEE Canada

Professor Donaldson graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, and then obtained his Masters and PhD from MIT. He was Professor and Department Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia, where he began his career after completion of his PhD Studies. After becoming Department Head, he helped establish a degree program in Computer Engineering and almost doubled its undergraduate and graduate enrolments, including new research groups in image processing, software engineering, and high-speed micro electronic circuit design.

Dr. Donaldson has, in his career, made fundamental contributions to power line communications, developing packet transmissions strategies and delay enhancement on power line communication channels. He also provided a novel forward error correction scheme for performance enhancement, and made contributions to high-speed wireless personal communications over metropolitan area networks.

Professor Donaldson has examined the effects of channel errors in the delay throughput performance and capacity of ALOHA multiple access systems. This improves multi-channel through put for single side-band power limited channels. His pioneering work on research on speech coding is frequently cited, which was very important in the transmission of monochrome pictures over noisy communication channels. This work led to his nomination as a UBC Killam Research Fellow.

Dr. Donaldson has supervised some 55 graduate students to completion of Masters or Doctors degrees, and his work has been consistently funded by a variety of industrial and governmental organizations, proving the broad recognition and value of his research. He was a founding member of the Canadian Institute of Telecommunications Research, which is a Federal Centre of Excellence.

Professor Donaldson has been on a large number of committees within the faculty of science, the President’s Committee, and within his own Department of Electrical Engineering. In addition he has authored an extensive list of refereed journals and conference proceedings. He is a consultant to industry including a wide variety of engineering companies, communication companies, aerospace agencies, railway companies and the US air force.

Dr. Donaldson has won many awards but still remains very active in his community both in community recreation and as a Technical Advisor in public school laboratory development

Mr. President, as Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada - Dr. Robert W. Donaldson

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