EIC FELLOW  (2004)

Dr. M. Jamal Deen – A Member of IEEE Canada

Professor Deen received his Bachelor’s degree in Physics/Mathematics from the University of Guyana and subsequently a Masters and PhD in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics from the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He is currently Professor and Canada Research Chair in Information Technology at McMaster University. He has taught or been involved in research as a Visiting Professor also in France, the US and the Netherlands, as well as Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

His background is startling in scope, having published 279 peer-reviewed papers, 10 edited books / conference volumes and 50 plus technical reports. In addition he holds 6 patents and has received numerous awards from the IEEE and other professional societies. These are based on his outstanding research and achievements in the area of semiconductor materials and devices. He has made significant contributions to modeling, noise and parameter extraction in silicon transistors, and high-speed photo detectors. His work has proven to be extremely important for accurate device modeling and the results of his research are in use in industry, with some of his algorithms easily implementable in computer aided device circuit simulation software. Many members of his research team are employed with major industries in North America and Europe, and at many prestigious Canadian Universities and abroad. To bring it a bit closer to our understanding, no surprise that this includes Northern Telecom, as a Visiting Scientist

His contributions on low frequency and high frequency noise are of great importance for the design and manufacture of silicon integrated circuits, where he has published landmark papers. He has also made significant contributions to modeling, design and parameter extraction in avalanche photo detectors.

Professor Deen is co-inventor of a number of devices owned by Nortel, such as the gate-controlled internal by-polar transistor, which is now used to implement bi-polar circuits. Another, as co-inventor, the solid-state microscope (originally sold by Xillix/Microscan Corporation) that is used for microscopy and other biomedical and industrial applications.

In summary, the endorsement for Professor Deen as Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada is based on these achievements, and for his significant contributions to teaching, guidance to graduate students, and his service to the scientific community.

Mr. President – Professor M. Jamal Deen

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