EIC Fellow  (2004)

Ralph E. Crysler - A Member of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering

Mr. Crysler graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Civil engineering. I am sure Mr. Crysler has heard this many times, but he followed the footsteps of his father, a civil engineer, who also graduated from the University of Toronto, who was himself a member of the Engineering Institute of Canada. Following graduation he joined the general staff of Churchill Harbour on Hudson’s Bay, and then was involved in general contracting before entering the consulting field, rising from a junior structural designer to be principal of several consulting firms including Crysler, Davis and Jorgensen, Crysler and Latham, and Crysler and Associates.

His experience is broadly based, including the design of many small dams, channel improvements and flood control, erosion control schemes, and as a senior member of many environmental assessment teams. As an engineering generalist he also designed highway and railway bridges, low rise structures and became involved in the restoration of historic structures. It is this area perhaps which has distinguished Mr. Crysler most fully - - his interest and dedication to the history of civil engineering, and the recognition, restoration and preservation of historic engineering structures.

Mr. Crysler became an early member of the CSCE History Committee, which under his leadership took a special interest in the installation of plaques on sites of national interest, and the Sons of Martha Cairns, which are located at various sites across Canada. This preservation of Canada’s engineering history and development is especially inspiring, when you are fortunate to see these remembrances at various, sometimes remote, locations across the country.

Not content with his work as Chair of the History Committee he later served as the Chair of the General Administration Committee of the CSCE, and as such, a member of the Board of Directors for the Society. Must recently, Mr. Crysler contributed to the documentation for the nomination of the History Committee for the Pierre Burton award of Canada’s National History Society. They did win this award, with a good deal of the credit going to Mr. Crysler for his work.

Mr. Crysler is a Fellow and Life Member of the CSCE, a Life Member of the ASCE and a member of the Society for Industrial Archaeology. He has been involved as a volunteer in foreign aid projects in Panama, El Salvador and Cuba. He was honoured by being made a Member of the Order of Niagara for assisting the Anglican Diocese of Niagara in maintaining their historic buildings.

For contributions to the practice of engineering, for the preservation of the history and accomplishments of the engineers who preceded us, and for his generous support of his community and those less fortunate, we present this new Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and Mr. President – Mr. Ralph E. Crysler



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