EIC FELLOW  (2004)

Dr Fred Boyd– A Member of the Canadian Nuclear Society

Mr. Boyd obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Physics from the University of Toronto. He subsequently completed numerous courses in economics, philosophy, management and religion. He is currently a private consultant in Atomic Energy. Mr. Boyd first joined AECL as a physicist/engineer at Eldorado Mining and Refining. He then joined General Electric to help design Canada’s first nuclear – electric power station. He then was appointed Head of Nuclear facility Licensing for the AECB (Atomic Energy Control Board - recently renamed the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. He also took on the role of Executive Secretary of the AECB’s Advising Committee on Nuclear Safety. Working closely with AECB President, Mr. George Laurence, Mr. Boyd developed the Canadian Siting Guide for nuclear power stations. He served as a nuclear energy advisor in the Department of Energy Mines and Resources (which is now Natural Resources Canada). He also represented the International Atomic Energy Agency as advisor to Korea on regulatory issues, and has been Senior Advisor and Director of the Orientation Centre for the AECB for a 10-year period in the 1980’s. As indicated, Mr. Boyd is now a private consultant, retired from AECB, but continues very active involvement assisting the AECB Advisory committee on Nuclear Safety and involved with regulatory programs in Korea, Brazil and Iraq.

As his experience indicates, Mr. Boyd has contributed significantly to the establishment of the Canadian nuclear safety culture, and has numerous publications in the national and international literature. He developed the basic Canadian nuclear philosophy and licensing systems, and as Senior Advisor he was involved in the development of legislation, and regulation. As Nuclear Energy Advisor he contributed to the development of Canadian nuclear policies

If that summary of Mr. Boyd’s accomplishments are rather general, let me offer a few quick bullets:· A member of CNS for about 25 years

  • Editor of the CNS bulletin who transformed a news bulletin of CNS to a high quality semi-technical quarterly publication, the principal publication at the CNS.
  • A member of CNS Council Board of Directors since 1990.
  • Chair of international liaison with CNS facilitating the signing of co-operation agreements with numerous nuclear societies abroad.
  • Co-author (with others) of “Canada Enters the Nuclear Age”
  • Member and Member Emeritus of ANS – the American Nuclear Society· CNS Fellow of 1994

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe you are seeing a person who represents the quintessential “quiet Canadian”. It is an honour for Professor Chenaf and myself to present to you tonight, a new Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

    Mr. President – Dr. Frederick C. Boyd

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