The Engineering Institute of Canada
Founded in 1887
Now a Federation of Twelve Canadian Engineering Societies

Why Engineering

What engineers do

  • Engineers develop practical solutions to tough problems, using rational thinking, organized methodologies, creativity and technical knowledge.
  • As servants to society, engineers do productive, diverse and rewarding work, often gaining a gratifying sense of accomplishment and relatively good compensation.
  • Types of engineering include aeronautical, agricultural, biomechanical, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer software & hardware, electrical & electronics, environmental, industrial, mechanical, mining/geological/mineral, materials/metallurgical, nuclear, photonics, sustainability design, systems.
  • Explore engineering further at EIC member societies and Engineering Your Future.
  • For a glimpse of what civil engineers do, as an example of engineering, you may wish to view this video on YouTube: Career Choices - Civil Engineer

How to study/prepare for engineering

Where to find engineering jobs

What salaries engineers can earn