The Engineering Institute of Canada
Founded in 1887
Now a Federation of Twelve Canadian Engineering Societies

Our Vision: The Engineering Institute of Canada

"Engineering for a prosperous, safe and sustainable Canada."
"Le génie pour un Canada sûr, prospère et durable".

Our Mission:

Develop and promote continuing education. Initiate and facilitate interdisciplinary activities and services. Lead member societies in defining and building the future of engineering. Advocate the values and benefits of engineering.


  1. Continuing Education & CEU Recognition
  2. Awards
  3. History & Archives
  4. Conferences
  5. Promote Engineering as a Career
  6. Services to Member Societies
  7. Membership of engineering societies in the EIC

Significant Activities:

  1. Canadian sponsor of internationally recognized standards for the provision of continuing education to the engineering and engineering technology community using the EIC Continuing Education Unit (CEU)
  2. Annual recognition of outstanding engineers from amongst the members of the member societies as Fellows of the EIC as well as Medals and Honorary Memberships
  3. Use of the EIC website as a source of information on Canadian engineering history and archives
  4. Interdisciplinary triennial conferences on climate change technologies and other major topics
  5. Representation of member societies at the Canadian Engineering Leadership Forum and in the Parliamentary Awareness Group on Science and Engineering (PAGSE)
  6., a jointly operated career site; Group purchase of Director's insurance; Administration for some societies