The Engineering Institute of Canada
Founded in 1887
Now a Federation of Twelve Canadian Engineering Societies

Sir John Kennedy Medal

Established in 1927 to commemorate the great service rendered to engineering by Sir John Kennedy, a Past President of the EIC, this medal is the most distinguished award of the institute. It is typically awarded on a biennial basis in recognition of outstanding service to the profession or for noteworthy contributions to the science of engineering or to the benefit of the Institute.


2017 (CSME) AMON Cristina    "Citation"

2015 (CSSE) JENNEKENS Jon H.    "Citation"

2013 (CSME) GOLDENBERG Andrew A.    "Citation"

2012 (CGS) ROWE Kerry    "Citation"

2011 (IEEE Cda) SLEMON Gordon"Citation"

2009 (CGS) MOLLARD John D. A.   "Citation"

2007 (IEEE Cda) Wallace Stanley Read   "Citation"

2006 (CSME) WILSON Andrew Hastie   "Citation"

2005 (CGS) MILLIGAN Victor   "Citation"

2003 (CGS) MORGENSTERN Norbert R.   "Citation"

2001 (CSCE) DAVENPORT Alan G.   "Citation"

1999    KINLEY J. James

1997    TORCHINSKY Benjamin B.

1997    DUSSAULT Rémy G.

1995    WRIGHT Douglas Tyndall

1993    SAINT-PIERRE Guy

1991    ALLISON Russell S.

1989    LAMARRE Bernard

1987    GOVIER George W.

1985    DAGENAIS Camille A.

1983    HAM James M.

1982    GRAY Ian A.

1979    SHAW Robert F.

1977    NADEAU Léopold M.

1977    LEGGET Robert F.

1977    DINSMORE John H.

1975    CARRIÈRE Jean?Paul

1973    CHENEVERT J. Georges

1971    HAMBLEY J. Mervyn

1968    OUIMET J. Alphonse

1964    BALLARD B. Guy

1962    DÉCARY Albert R.

1960    SILLS Hubert R.

1958    HEARTZ Richard E.

1956    HEARN Richard L.

1954    STIRLING John B.

1952    VANCE James A.

1950    YOUNG Clarence R.

1948    HOGG Thomas H.

1946    CAMPBELL L. A.

1945    FAIRBAIRN John M. R.

1943    MACKENZIE Chalmers Jack

1940    MCNAUGHTON Hon. A.G.L.

1938    DENNIS John S.

1936    SULLIVAN John G.

1935    HARKNESS A. H.

1934    ROSS Robert A.

1933    GRANT Alexander J.

1930    DUGGAN George H.

1928    LEONARD Rueben W.