The Engineering Institute of Canada
Founded in 1887
Now a Federation of Twelve Canadian Engineering Societies

Introducing EIC's eLearning Centre
Providing Online CEU & PDH Learning Opportunities
Authored Exclusively by EIC Member Societies and Quality Learning Providers
for the Canadian engineering community


EIC Member Societies and Quality Continuing Education Providers recognised by the Engineering Institute of Canada now offer their members and clients access to online learning programs that fully comply with EIC CEU and PDH requirements. These are available through the eLearning Centre. Learning opportunities include automated self-paced courses and live webinars.


The eLearning Centre is managed by eMETA Learning Solutions under the auspices of the EIC. eMETA provides EIC Member Societies and other recognised CE Providers a full turnkey management service. No upfront fees are required for participation. Course providers keep full control and copyright of their course material.


eMETA turnkey services include: self-paced course installation, live webinar setup and management, course hosting, learner testing and certification, learner support and registry of awarded CEUs with the EIC. There are no upfront fees: services are paid through an admin fee charged on course registrations.

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